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Church Live Stream Publishing Plan for 2020

Setting up your church live stream is just one piece of the puzzle… a church publishing plan will help your message carry further to more people.

In today’s video, we’re giving you a step by step workflow to publish your church live stream and maximize its effectiveness on social media.

In This Video: Your New Church Publishing Plan

  1. 0:33 – Where’s Justin been?

  2. 3:18 – The right mindset for church production…

  3. 11:34 – Streaming your church service LIVE is the first step…

  4. 16:32 – What to do AFTER the live stream…

  5. 26:48 – What to do throughout the week on social media…

  6. 33:25 – More ideas of what to post throughout the week…

  7. 35:28 – The social platforms you should be on…

  8. 47:45 – The rule you need to live by…

Important Links & Shoutouts

  1. Check out Boxcast for a turnkey streaming solution

  2. Check out the Church Online Platform

  3. Use Sermon Clipper to get your sermons clipped for your social media (use code CTA for 10% off)

  4. You might also like: The Best Church Live Streaming Software

Key Takeaway

The Sunday service is not the end of your message. It can continue to leave on, speaking Truth into people’s live throughout the week and beyond.

You never know when someone in the future will need the truth you preached on Sunday…

Develop an action plan based on what we laid out here. How can you stream your message? How will you archive it for people to discover and listen to it beyond Sunday? How will you break it down into easily consumable pieces?

This is what we’re here to help you with.

How are you extending the life of your sermons throughout the week? Leave a comment down below!

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