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First-Time Visitor Gift Unboxing… From The View Of A Church Guest

Have you ever gotten to see your first-time visitor actually react to the gift you give them?

In today’s show, I’m unboxing a first-time visitor gift I got myself from a recent visit…how’s it going to hold up in this live unboxing?

In This Video

  1. 2:53 – The done-for-you email scripts you can send to your own church visitors…

  2. 4:55 – Unboxing a REAL first-time guest gift live…

  3. 19:40 – The place to get always-on training and answers to your questions…

  4. 22:45 – The 5 DO’s and DON’TS of first-time visitor gifts…

  5. 30:50 – The new home network system that shocked me…

Important Links and Shoutouts

  1. Download the free templates: 5 Emails Your Visitors Will LOVE!

  2. Join Church Training Academy to access a team of superheroes to join you on your journey

  3. Check out the Eeros home network system for yourself

  4. You might also like: Church Website Photos You Need To Attract More Guests

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