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How To Easily Prepare Your Easter Church Graphics

In today’s show, I’m giving you the lowdown on how to prepare your Easter church graphics, NO MATTER your current situation, your budget, or your team size.

Easter church graphics cannot get easier than this…

download your free 21 point easter checklist

In This Video

  1. 1:54 – The ULTIMATE checklist you need for Easter Preparation…

  2. 3:50 – Where to find Easter church graphics to use in church during service (projector slides, lyric backgrounds, etc.)

  3. 7:52 – The easiest and most BEAUTIFUL Easter church graphics for your social media…

  4. 11:43 – Stop using Publisher. Here’s what we recommend for your flyers, posters, invite cards, and more!

  5. 17:22 – Avoid Easter church graphics on your website and USE THESE instead…

  6. 24:00 – Where to go to find more help planning out your Easter visuals…

  7. 26:08 – NERD OUT: A fun new Twitch streamer for new, entertaining music…

Important Links & Shoutouts

  1. The 21-Point Easter Planning Checklist

  2. Church Motion Graphics

  3. Sunday Social

  4. Design Bold

  5. Church Website Photos You Need To Attract More Guests

  6. Etcetera Kid on Twitch

[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, we receive compensation if you purchase any of the resources above at no extra cost to you]

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