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Should Your Pastor Be a Blogger? Pastoral Blogs – Yay or Nay?

What is “Pastoral Blogging”?  

What is a “Church Blog”?  

Is blogging still relevant today? 

Pastor blog trends that don’t work

  1. Inconsistent – There’s no one focusing and creating the content

  2. A 2nd or 3rd sermon in the week

  3. Blogging about things that don’t line up with the church’s mission

Blog ideas

  1. Transcribe the sermon to have it in text

  2. Find a volunteer to transcribe it

  3. (ideal but expensive) or (will require review but cheaper)

  4. (Justin’s preference) Build relationships using the blog

  5. This is not a second sermon or a devotional

  6. Share stories and personal revelations from the Pastor (show how you’re living what you preach)

  7. Share stories from the congregation

  8. Speak to current events (things that may not get airtime on Sundays)

Pastor blog or church blog?

  1. Pastor blog

  2. Keep it separate if you want to write about things that aren’t a focus for the church

  3. Create a separate pastor blog if the pastor wants to keep the content if/when he leaves the church

  4. Church blog

  5. Use the blog under the church name if it’s to minister to the community as the church

  6. Gives the ability for others on staff or lay-people to write for the blog


  1. Your blog is another way people can connect with your church. This is a relationship building tool. Ask yourself, what does my community or church want and need to hear, and how can you open yourself up to them and create communication.

  2. Stick, stay and iterate (from Dan Irmler)

  3. Make a plan to try blogging for 8 weeks and stick with it

  4. Stay on target and blog once a week

  5. Evaluate the time it takes and the reach, then decide if you want to continue and how you’ll improve it.

Check out the Baylon Bee article. Hilarious!!!

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