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The Best Church Live Streaming Software

There are dozens of live streaming software solutions available for your church… but which one is the best live streaming software for your church in 2020 and beyond?

In today’s video, Dave breaks down the top 3 live streaming solutions you can use for your church…

In This Video: The Best Live Streaming Software

  1. 0:50 – Where’s Justin?

  2. 4:03 – What your software should be able to do…

  3. 5:50 – The three options to match each budget…

  4. 6:25 – OBS Breakdown (the free one)…

  5. 15:53 – VMix Breakdown (the affordable one)…

  6. 22:14 – Tricaster Breakdown (the mac daddy one)…

Important Links & Shoutouts

  1. Download OBS, vMix, and learn more about the Tricaster.

Key Takeaway

Part of your church’s live stream success is going to be dependent on using the right software for your church.

We don’t want you to play a trial and error game for the next 2 years…pick the software now that you plan to use for the foreseeable future.

Do some research and pick the right software for your budget. Then it’s as simple as learning and executing.

What live streaming software are you using?

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